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Start Making a Healthier Breakfast

healthy breakfast ideasA bad breakfast breaks more diet plans that Ben & Jerry’s. The horrible breakfast foods we’ve been taught to rely on by TV, movies and our carb-loving grandmothers are custom-designed for sugar crashes that derail the entire rest of our metabolic day. It’s time to do something about it and rethink the way we do breakfast, and I don’t mean skipping it altogether.

The idea here is to identify the junk you’ve been fueling your body with at the beginning of the day and find some healthy replacements. Good news, I have some ideas for you already.

Avoid Carb-Overload

Repeat after me: “Muffins are not breakfast! Muffins are cake! Not breakfast!” Don’t eat muffins, pancakes, donuts or bagels for breakfast. You’re setting yourself up for a sugar-crash. And while you don’t want to eliminate carbs completely from your morning meal, you need the right kind of carbohydrate to support a healthy diet and maintain your nutritional objectives. My suggestions:

  • Most granola has too much fat and sugar to be a healthy source of carbs. Opt for healthy whole grain cereals and nuts in your yogurt instead.
  • Switch from sugary cereal to oatmeal. Don’t be afraid to add a little honey or agave nectar for sweetening, and cinnamon is a great way to turn your appetite on.

More Fruit, More Veggies

Add more fruits and veggies to whatever you’re making. They add fiber and tons of vitamins to your meals, so you’ll feel full longer and won’t get sleepy around 11am. How to do it:

  • If I’m stuck with a low-sugar cereal for breakfast, I usually hurry and cut up some banana, peaches or strawberries and throw them in.
  • Use leftover vegetables from dinner in an early-morning smoothie. You might want to wash off any sauce (and extra calories) using a strainer, and add some yogurt for sweetness.
  • I’m all about eggs and veggies. Make an omelet, scramble them or mix in some boiled eggs into a light salad.

Increase Your Protein

This is an important point if you’re trying to lose weight or support healthy muscle-growth for a new workout routine. Just remember that whatever protein you add is as lean as possible. It won’t help your weight loss, or your cholesterol to add a lot of fat and oil to the mix. Don’t forget to include carbs in your morning fuel-up or you’ll end up burning the protein that should have gone to your muscles. My protein suggestions:

  • Yeah, the eggs I mentioned — great idea. They’re a delicious breakfast protein and easy to cook with practice.
  • Almond butter on whole-wheat toast is a good alternative to peanut butter, which often has a lot of added sugar.
  • Pop some soy or whey protein powder into your morning shake. Take care to add enough carbs to avoid burning up all the protein, though.

Have you already reformed your breakfast habits? How are you fueling up?

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