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You Don’t Have to be an Alcoholic for Alcohol to Harm You

Guest Post by Lauryn Winterson:

alcohol poisoningMost people assume that because they do not drink every day that they are liberated from the dangers of alcohol. It is a false assumption that only alcoholics are in danger when it comes to drinking. Alcohol has its time and place, but consuming large amounts of it is always dangerous. From drunk driving to alcohol poisoning, everyone is vulnerable when it comes to the dangers of alcohol. Alcohol is a poison. It is not meant to be consumed in large quantities. The reason people get drunk is because the body cannot handle the powerful and toxic effects of alcohol.

The number one killer of teens today is drunk driving. Nearly every student knows someone who has been affected by drunk driving. That student may have been affected themselves. Alcohol abuse is a major concern regardless of whether the abuser is an alcoholic or a first time drinker. Alcohol impairs our senses and our judgment. We see double, slur our words and have trouble judging distances correctly. All of these symptoms should prevent someone from getting behind the wheel of a car. Unfortunately, when people are drunk they are more careless and more likely to decide that it is alright to drive.

Many young people who drink at a party are going to drink far more than their bodies can handle. The best case scenario is that the young person vomits or passes out. It sounds gross, but that is the best case scenario. There are far worse things that could potentially happen. For instance, this person may get alcohol poisoning. This occurs when the alcohol in the system prevents the body from breathing correctly. Some people may go into a coma or vomit uncontrollably. Alcohol poisoning has many effects on different people, but none of them are good. This is a very serious condition. Anyone with alcohol poisoning should be rushed to a hospital as soon as possible. It could save their life.

Alcohol affects more than just the drinker. It can affect everyone around them and likely will. Drunk driving is a terrible problem today. More innocent people die every year because of someone else’s irresponsible decision. It is best to keep the car keys away from anyone drinking as a way to forcibly prevent drunk driving and potentially save their life as well as the life of anyone else on the road. Alcohol must be used responsibly. If you cannot drink responsibly it is best to avoid the substance altogether.

Lauryn Winterson is a professional writer and drug rehabilitation advocate. Click here to learn more about drug rehab treatments.

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