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Stretch Yourself with a Pilates Workout

pilates exercisesAre you sure you’re getting a full-body workout? A lot of exercises wind up focusing on legs and arms, without really giving your core a comprehensive workout. For well-balanced fitness and a superbly toned body, give Pilates a try.

Benefits of Pilates

Flexibility: Pilates exercises force you to maintain minute control over your body movements, forcing you to work muscles that might be ignored by other workouts. Combined with comprehensive stretching built into each exercise, you’ll start to improve your flexibility and range of motion.

Strength: Core strength is a primary focus of every Pilates workout, stemming from the assumption that your core is the basis of leverage and balance for your entire body. In the process of strengthening the abdominal, back and hip-flexor muscles that make up your core, a Pilates regimen will start to tone the entire length of your arms and legs.

Coordination: The minute muscle control I mentioned above requires an intense concentration that makes you keenly aware of your body, both during and after workouts. You’ll start to be more conscious of how you stand, sit and move. This new awareness can help to eliminate poor posture and reduce the accompanying joint and muscle pain.

Stress-reduction: All exercise is great for pulling down your stress level, but Pilates’ slow, deliberate exercises, and the singular concentration it requires, puts you into a mental state that pushes your worries aside and builds your confidence in your own movements.

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