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5 Tips for Staying Fit While Attending School

Guest Post by Mary Madsen:

staying healthy in collegeCollege is a time of fun. You get to be on your own and gain independence. Although college can be a blast, it can also be a time of packing on the pounds. Many college students are busy. Between attending class, doing homework, working and having a social life, a lot of students skip exercising and rely on unhealthy, quick meals.

Just because you are attending school doesn’t mean you have to gain the dreaded “Freshman 15.” It is possible to be a good student, employee, and friend while staying healthy and physically fit. The following are five tips to stay fit while attending school.


A body in motion is a healthy body. To get good exercise you don’t have to go to the gym and spend hours on the treadmill. There are ways to get a good cardio workout that can be fun and inviting. Get a group of friends together for fun, active activities. Play a sport. Go on a hike. Walk to class. Moving your body can be a social event. Get some friends to do it with you, and you won’t have to sacrifice your social life to get in some exercise.

Add Good Habits

A lot of diets fail because you remove everything you love. A smart way to stay fit is to add good things to your diet and activity level. Instead of focusing on what you can’t eat, focus on adding more good habits. Drink more water. Take a multi-vitamin. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Exercise every day. Focus more on what you add than what you take away. That math is much easier than college algebra!


One great thing about moving out to college is that you are independent – which usually means you no longer have a curfew. It is a good idea, however, to set a curfew for your eating. Doing a nightly doughnut run at midnight is not a very good idea. Sometimes it is helpful to set a time that you are finished eating for the day, a curfew per se. This way you can avoid late-night calorie binges.

Don’t be too Busy to Be Healthy

Sure you may be busy, but don’t be too busy to be healthy. Just because you have an early class does not give you an excuse to skip breakfast. Plan quick, healthy breakfast options that you can grab on the run. Just because you have busy evenings does not mean you need fast food for dinner every night. Your health is worth the little time it takes to prepare a healthy meal.

Drink Water

Drinking water cannot only help you stay fit; it can actually help you shed pounds. Take a water bottle with you to lectures. Drink water while you study. Stay away from the vending machines that are serving soda. The sugary soda will do nothing but add unneeded calories. Keep yourself hydrated. And more importantly, keep yourself hydrated with water.

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